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'HOUSE OF EUROPE' started out as a response to the need for understandingand awareness of the EU integration process of Albania. The remarkablyhigh public support for EU integration is not matched by an equally high levelunderstanding of the process itself, the benefits and obligations that come withit. House of Europe will therefore serve as a platform of information, research,debate, training and networking on integration matters. However House ofEurope has enlarged its scope and is now one of the leading organizationsthat monitors closely the progress of Albania’s integration given the recentdevelopments that have presented a real rollercoaster of ups and downs: Albaniawas granted visa free regime in autumn of last year and then its request forthe candidate status was rejected a short time after. Albania’s political criseswhich has started immediately after the general elections of June 20009 hascreated obstacles in the integration road and there is a real role for civil society toamortize the effects of this crisis.

Purpose of our work:

♦ To temper the expectations of Albanians and avoid potential futuredisillusionment with the Union due to unrealistic expectations.

♦ To address the current lack of capacity on the part of the media, in theirreports on the EU, in a user-friendly and all-inclusive language goingbeyond the dry reporting of the activities in Brussels or in Tirana.

♦ To monitor the political developments and especially electoral processesin Albania which directly condition our path of integration and to influencepublic opinion to exert a constructive pressure in order for theseprocesses not to become an obstacle in this path.

♦ To provide the research and academia fields with a publishing outlet fortheir study products in order to publicize their output to the larger public,thus hoping to serve as a catalyst of serious debate.

♦ To engage both active and retroactive members in the education field intoadopting the EU integration debate into their curricula.



Executive Director
Gjergji Sinani

Director of Research
Gent Sinani

Ema Butka

Zemaida Mozali

Eva Caci

Dhimiter Gjodede

How to contact us:

Rr. Sami Frasheri, P.13,
Tirana, Albania.
Tel: +355 4 2 248 853;
Fax: +355 4 2 270337;
Email: info@houseofeurope.org


Rr. Sami Frasheri, P.13, Tirane.
Tel: +355 4 2 248 853; Fax: +355 4 2 270337; Email: info@houseofeurope.org
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